aura optik designs microscopic table inserts to optimize your workflow under the microscope. Here some examples:

The forensic table insert MikroDip is opti- mized for the method MikroDip developed by aura optik. The table insert is compa- tible to frames at 237x157mm format.

With the special gripper of the left micro- manipulator a microsphere can be picked from the reservoir positioned at the left of the table. Particles or cells can be removed from the centrally positioned microscope slides by dipping with the microsphere. Subsequently, they can be transferred into analysis tubes positioned at the right.

The table insert LazySusan ist the ideal insert for manipulating, sorting and isolation of cells or particles. It is compatible to frames at 237x157mm format.

The two slides are rotatably fitted so that the objects can be manipulated by any desired side. Afterwards, they can be transferred either to the second microscope slide or in the analysis tubes at the right side of the insert table.

The table insert PetriDish is ideally suited for manipulating samples or cells in suspen- sions. Also the MicroDip method can be used. It is compatible with frames of 237x157mm format.

On one side there is a reservoir of markers or microspheres. In the middle are inter- changeable inserts for different sizes of Petri dishes. Small amounts of marker can be taken by the capillary and injected into objects in the Petri dishes. Or microspheres can be taken by the special gripper from the reservoir and thereby individual cells from the Petri dish can be are isolated. Subsequently, the cells or manipulated objects can be transferred into the analysis tubes.

Do you wish for an optimized and tidy workspace under the microscope? Then contact us and send us your contact information and a short description of your workflow.