aureka® - an easy system

Our platform offers you an easy way to precisely manipulate living objects down to single cell level, e.g. stimulation, injection or isolation.

We call it microsampling.

humminbird hawk-moth as collector of micro-samples
doppelseitiges Mikromanipulator-System aureka mit Mikrogreifer und Kapillare, Mikropinzette haltert Blüte, Kapillare sammelt Probe, mit Spezial-Mikroskopie-Tischeinsatz für Petrischalen

Thursday 07. May 2020

Automated trace reader

aura optik is PCP contractor in "SHUTTLE" - Horizon 2020 funds microtrace...

Tuesday 22. January 2019

new member of aura optik

specialist for pollen for research and development

Friday 18. January 2019

change in address

Wildenbruchstraße bye bye! -> Hans-Knöll-Str. 6!