The microsampling platform aureka® is a unique system: It is the only combination of high aperture microscope and micromanipulator, which allows to work upright and true sided. We realized it by consequent integration into the microscope.

The micromanipulators are integrated by default in the ZEISS Axio.ZoomV16. Consequently, while moving the microscope in Z direction, the tools stay always close to the observation plane. The platform contains one or two micromanipulators. They are equipped with easily interchangeable toolboxes with customizable tools like microgripper and capillary holder. Micromanipulator and function of the tools are intuitively controlled with 3D joysticks with micron precision.

These combination of microscope and precision micromanipulators offers numerous applications from stimulation, isolation to injection.

aura optik configures the microscope system and the micromanipulators according to the needs of your application.


  • modular system
  • easy and intuitive control by using 3D joysticks
  • flexible through easily exchangeable toolboxes and tools, which aura optik customize according to your needs
  • different angle accommodations of toolboxes
  • semiautomatic motion-sequences possible by programmable keys
  • control of the manipulators communicates with the control of the microscope
  • tools stay in focus plane when the microscope moves in Z direction or the objective is changed

In our extensively equipped application lab you can test the possibilities of aureka® without commitment. Our technology and our experience is up to three days at your service. More information about the application lab you will find here.

You have further questions about microsampling platform aureka®? Contact us.