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Numerous applications are possible with the microsampling platform aureka®. aura optik configures a specific system for your individual application through integration in different microscopes, through exchangeable, customizable tools of the micromanipulator system, as well as through workspace optimization.

Here some examples:

The metabolism of vital cells or cell clusters differs fundamentally from necrotic cells. In the field of plant biology fresh digestive glands from the pitcher plant (nepenthes) could be extracted and examined successfully.

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Individual cells will be examined, for example, in cancer research. For this they must be isolated from the remaining cells.

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In forensics the smallest traces will be examined and helping to solve cases. With the microsampling platform aureka® these traces can be easily extracted with the method MicroDip.

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You have a specific application in mind and are looking for the right system to realize it? aura optik configures a system according to your needs through specific configurations and developing customizable tools. Furthermore you have the possibility to perform a proof of principle in our fully equipped application lab.

Contact us and let us know your ideas and needs of a potential system.