The microgripper toolbox is the basis for the interchangeable microgrippers.


gripper forms: strong, fine, MikroDip special
grippers holding cell or microsphere, gripper for for cutting and grabbing

The micro-grippers are easy to change and adjust. There are several variants:

  • a strong gripper
  • a fine gripper
  • a special gripper adapted for holding microspheres, which is used in our method MikroDip.

With the fine and strong tweezers objects can be held or isolated, with the special MikroDip gripper single cells can be transported or stimulated.

The opening and closing is controlled with micrometer precision using 3D joysticks. The gripping width of the grippers is adjustable, so that large and small samples can be handled.

aura optik also developes variants for your specific application.

Do you need special tools for your application or further information about the microgripper toolbox? Contact us.